Rehabilitation in the lives of persons with alternative skills:


                                                            In the list of person with alternative skills includes deaf and dump, deformities in the hands and legs. So for they are all called as disabled person. After 2007 in the international federation declare them as person with alternative skills, then India is the 7th country to sign on that decleration.As per that move person with alternative skill will also get the equal rights in employment, education and human rights for them.

            Selvi J.Jeyalalitha in TN State has removed the income limit for them to receive the government projects welfare schemes. They are all exempted from the special fee. And he declares those who are staying in the hostel and continuing their studies can receive Rs.500 per month for their food expenses. Dr.M.Karunanithi has increased that food expenses from Rs.200 to Rs.500.He is a living Legend and a visionarian among the person with alternative skills.

            Those who are suffering from mental ill health can get the impatient treatments only in Chennai. After analyzing the difficulties faced by them TN government declared that in Theni exclusive mental health hospital will be opened, the project Cost is Rs.10 crores.That hospital includes all the inpatient facilities also. And the NGO’s running some mental health centers, for that centers the govt., will provide the required funds as per project. And the government has decided to establish a mental health centre in each three district. For that 1 crore fund will be allotted by TN Government.

            First time in India, Tamilnadu is the only first state to establish a separate ministry for them, that too directly under the control of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Dr.M.Karunanithi to provide all the social security measures

            Mental health affected person those who can’t maintain them self can receive Rs.500 per month irrespective of their family income. By this scheme alone 50 thousand people are getting the benefits.

            For blind and other alternative skilled person those who are receiving the government funds will be doubled. Special teachers training also provided to them.

            To identify the hearing ability in the childhood itself and giving them the special education for them, that school will be established in each district.Travelling concession for them. First time in our country motorized wheel chairs are provided and special equipments for them and unemployed blinds can receive the government fee cash schemes. By this scheme alone 60% people are benefited.

            2005-2006 Rs 49 crores were allotted for the welfare of the persons with alternative skills. That allotted amount was increased to Rs.176 crores

                                    Through this website we are going to update the central and state government’s project, welfare schemes and benefits by the private and state, central government for differently abled people. And their legal rights and legal protection too.
                                    Due to some unavoidable reason differently abled people can’t get their welfare schemes and government project’s information properly. For instant if a private corporate sector announces any new schemes in Chennai means it may reach only who is living in and around Chennai. Only through the newspaper and in some other modes the other district differently abled people didn’t know about the project. In order to fulfill this gap, this website is fulfilling that gap by proper updation of all the information relating to the differently abled people. Through this system anyone can access this website and he/she can get the required up to date information’s.
                                    By this website many individuals and private sector professional may be well aware of the differently abled people’s skills and they can have an easy access to differently abled people
                                    Some of the corporate jaints are ready and willing to extend their helping hand by giving job opportunities to differently abled people. Only if they know their details and their skills.
                                    This exclusive website provides all the required information regarding differently abled people. It is like a differently abled people’s information pool
                                    In this website differently abled people’s can post their grievances it will reach the Government and to the concern department and it will be rectified immediately without any delay or hindrances.
                                    In order to generate more job opportunities in private sector through this website those who are hiring differently abled people’s through this site, that concern name will be flashed in the website itself.So, it will indirectly make other private sector too. Even through this website MNC’s can be utilize this site in many ways
                                    It’s like a data and statistical bank of differently abled people’s., such details and statistics will be much useful for the government to enhance their welfare schemes and benefits to differently abled people’s.
                                    In this website differently abled people’s can get all the required information like differently abled people’s department address, phone numbers both central and state government officers and district officers too.
                                    This exclusive website will give a social, economical and moral development among the differently abled people. Finally it will increase their standard of living too.
                                    So, this exclusive website is a unique website for differently abled people

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